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What Is A Blog? And How To Get Free Blog?

Hey Friends Whats Up! Today I’m Back With New Article For You and That Is "What Is Blog? And How To Get Free Blog?" So, Let's Start.

What Is A Blog?

Blog is Like A Website Where bloggers Share Their Articles, Feelings, Tutorials And videos. Blog Is Like A Community.

Some Peoples use Blog For Earnings Purpose And Some Uses for Sharing Purpose. Blog is Also called As Online Diary.

Simply Blog Is Like A Website Which Is Fully Loaded With Posts (Or Entries).

Who Is Blogger?

Person Who Posts Content For A Blog A Blog Is Blogger. A Blogger Is Who Posts a contents That makes A Reason To visit Our Site.

Why I Need Blog?

You Should get Blog Because If You Have Good Skill Of Anything Then You Should Share With Others. If You Want To Earn Money Online Then The Blogging Is The Best Method To earn Money Online. If You Want To Make A Free Website Then You Should Use blog. If you Are A Shopkeeper Then You Can Find New clients On Your Blog by Making a Shop Blog.

What Are Requirements To Get A Blog For Free?

Here Are Some Requirements.

  • Gmail Account.

  • Computer With Internet Connection connector.

  • Little Bit brain Knowledge

How to Get a Blog For free?

To Get A A Blog Fore Free You Should Use This Steps To Get A Blog At 0 Costs.

  • If you Need A Blog For Free Then You Need A Gmail account if you Don't have Then Click here to get a gmail ac for Free.

  • Now Open By Clicking here and Sign in There With Your gmail Account For free.

  • Then Click on create New blog. After that it Will ask you to Create A limited Or google plus To Sign in.

  • then again See At the Top Click On Create New blog Than give your Blog Name And Put Your blog Address. If you See Tick mark Then That Means The Domain Is Available If You Didn't See tick mark Then  it Means Domain is Not A/vailable



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