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10 Best Facts About Samsung

At whatever point I Need A New Electronic Gadgets Or Products I remember Samsung products, from Handset to Home appliances this Korean Company is the best, especially in the Smart phones. In the few years, Samsung made its position on the top, they are in the top in technology and the products of Samsung is mind blowing. Here I am using everything of Samsung like TVs, Smartphone, Laptops and Home appliances.  So, Today we are going to talk about 10 best facts about Samsung.

Facts About Samsung

  1. Samsung is focused on making as possible in their own factories, About 90% of Samsung products are made in their own company by specialists.

  2. The Meaning of Samsung is "Three Star" In Korean.

  3. Samsung was the First company to made CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) Phones.

  4. The first Watch phone was made up by Samsung.

  5. All over the world, Samsung is made up around 370,000 employees in 80 companies.

  6. And Samsung was introduced in 1970 with black and white Television.

  7. In 2012 Samsung have 30.12 Global market share on a smart phone and 213,000,000 Samsung smart phone sold globally in 2012.

  8. Samsung was established in 1938 which is precisely 38 years earlier Then Apple.

  9. In August 2016 that was the worst year for Samsung, due to battery problem Note 7s was banned all over the world and they got loss million.

  10. Samsung Is the Best Smart phone producer in the world.

Note: Use Samsung Products For Best Experience because Samsung does not offer any other company to make their products and their products are like made in the home. And the best this is their hardware.

So, Friends This Was a post about Samsung Facts Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have more information's about Samsung the comment below i will publish here


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